Vista Talons 2019-20 TEAM Registration


Congratulations on making a team for the 2019-20 Vista Talons!  This registration is intended for ONLY those players who have been selected to be on a team for the 2019-20 season.  For those athletes, the next step is to register using this online registration system.  You will need to upload your AAU card (all players ... see below) and birth certificate (new players only) in order to complete your registration.  You can also upload a photo of your player if you choose (optional, but helpful for the club).  At this time you will also be making the first payment installment of $175. 

Registration must be complete by 9/22/19 to avoid a late fee.  Thanks for your support of the Vista Talons AAU Basketball Club!


**NOTE:  Please make sure you register for the correct TEAM.  Choose the GRADE for which you are playing for.  This may not match your current school grade dependent on where your birthday falls.


AAU CARD Instructions:  Every player must have an AAU card each season.  Please follow the instructions HERE (then click AAU Membership-Players-How-To) for step by step instructions on how to purchase your card, along with our club code (WYA4T6).


Thank you and remember to be registered (with all uploads available) no later than 9/22/19 to avoid the first late fee of $25.