Vista Talons COVID Policy (updated 1/14/2022):
If a Talons player tests positive for COVID, he may not attend any Vista Talons practices, games, or events for 5 days from the day of the positive test (based on the date of testing, not the result). The player may return to Talons events once 5 have passed AND all symptoms have subsided.
If a player is exposed to someone who tests positive for COVID, he can continue to come to Talons event as long as he is fully COVID vaccinated and remains asymptomatic. 
If a player is exposed to someone who tests positive and is NOT vaccinated and tests negative, he my return to Talons events. If the test is done before 5 days of the exposure, a 2nd test must be done on day 5 of the exposure and must also be negative. Alternatively, the player can remain at home until 5 days from exposure, get tested, and then return if that test is negative.
At home COVID tests are acceptable for testing. 
Testing is available at Vista High School on Mondays from 4-5:30pm. You must register at https://avellinocov2.com/ in order to test. There is NO cost for this test.
Share your results with your head coach to return to Talons events (for at home test, send a picture of the test).
As always, if your player is sick, practice caution and remain at home if there are any cold or flu-like symptoms.
In the event that you need to report a positive test and/or exposure, please inform your head coach.
Masks Policy:
Vista Talons does not require masks for practice or games unless mandated by the facility and/or county we are playing in. All facility and/or county rules should be followed. 

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